Our many years of successful experience allows us to offer you only the best equipments such as;    ABS – EBS Sensors, ABS Modulators, Air Couplings, Air Dryer Filters, Air Dryers, Caliper Repair Kits, Clutch Servo, Plastic Pneumatic Fittings, Pressure Switch, RAUFOSS Fittings, SIRIT Fittings, Air Unloader Valves, ECAS Solenoid Valves, Foot Brake Valves, Four Circuit Protection Valve, Gearbox Valves, Hand Brake Valves, Levelling Valves, Load Sensing Valves, Pressure Limiting Valves, Relay Valves, Selonoid Valves, Trailer Control Valves, VOSS Fittings. More information on the above products , please see the Products section.


Welcome to “airbremse” we would like to express our thanks for your interest in our company. As a company “airbremse” is a leader manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for Commercial Vehicles – Trucks, Buses, Trailers. All our products are guaranteed with high quality and competitive prices.

The main direction of our activity is constant and purposeful improvement of technological processes, reliability and efficiency of delivery.
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